4 Baking Tips Every Newbie Should Know Before Starting

We already told you what mistakes to avoid as a beginner but that alone wouldn’t help. To be a professional you need to know a combination of what you shouldn’t be doing and what you should be.

With these tips, you will be able to bake your cakes, cookies, etc. with utmost ease and no longer face problems that newbie bakers have such as cake sticking to the edges and on.

So let’s dig right into them.

Tip 1: Ingredients should always be at room temperature

If you read your recipes carefully you will notice that they mostly call for your eggs, butter, and milk to be at room temperature, right? Well, it is for good reason. That is since ingredients at room temperature mix faster and more efficiently.

For example, beating the egg white with sugar will be a whole lot easier if your eggs aren’t cold unless and until the recipe called for it. In case you forget to get the butter or milk out in-time, just microwave it for 15-20 seconds. Just make sure you do not end up heating it too much.

Tip 2: Grease your pans correctly

After all that effort you put in with the mixing do you want your cake to be stuck to the bottom or sides of the pan? No, right? Then don’t be lazy and make sure you grease your pan/tin well. You can either use soft butter, flour or even cocoa powder for the same if you are baking a chocolate cake.

If you want something even more effective and are willing to spend a few extra bucks then I would recommend lining the tray up with parchment paper or a combination of both (just to be extra safe).

An example of lining the tray with parchment paper

Tip 3: The position of the tin in the oven matters

Did you just casually slide the tin into the oven? Guess what, there is a good chance your cake will be overcooked on one side. Yup, if you want even baking you need to ensure that everything is centrally placed in the oven.

Once you are halfway into the bake, don’t forget to rotate the pan. This is also the best time for you to check whether the cake is cook perfectly or not.

Yup, control your urge to open the oven door every 5-10 minutes. You should be only checking on the cake about 2 times, once midway and then towards the end of the baking time. Opening it too often means your cake might not cook evenly.

Tip 4: Use the batter immediately

Mixing is quite the tedious task and most of the think taking a break before baking is just what you deserve, right? Once you mix the dry and wet ingredients the baking soda or baking powder the batter starts to react with the liquid.

And the longer you will the further the baking powder loses its potency. As you know, baking powder is leavening agents and it loses all its acidity your cake is only going to be a flat mess. That means the only time you really get to rest is once the baking is done.

Apart from these tips, you should also give the cake ample cooling time irrespective of whether you intend on creaming it or not so it sets properly and is well-cooked in the middle.

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